External Bypass Panels

At Computer Power Protection we supply and install external bypass switches.

Bypass switch

An external bypass panel is an essential addition to your current backup power protection plan to be paired with your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. An external bypass switch is advantageous during maintenance or repair work on the UPS system.

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When it comes to having an optimal power protection plan there are two key components. These two components are your UPS Units and your UPS batteries. However, in the unfortunate event where your unit or batteries require a repair or have had a major malfunction, a bypass switch becomes the third key component.

How does a External UPS Bypass Panel work?

UPS Static Bypass switches allow you to bypass the normal UPS units operation during instances of overload or fault without disrupting the power supply to the load.

External Bypass Panel Installation

An external maintenance bypass Switch, alternatively referred to as an wraparound bypass switch, is affixed to the exterior of the UPS. Its purpose is to facilitate the continuous flow of power during maintenance or repair operations. By allowing the UPS to be effortlessly disconnected without requiring a complete shutdown of the entire network, this configuration proves cost-effective for businesses. The significant advantage lies in the reduction of downtime, as there is no necessity to halt network operations for extended periods during UPS repair, ultimately saving both time and money.

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