UPS systems are used in all these sectors

Computer Power Protection expertise with over 30 years of experience (CPP) is one of the UK's longest established independent suppliers of power protection solutions. Since 1988 we have been leading the way in providing quality power protection systems and solutions to UK and overseas businesses with experience providing solutions across all industries and sectors.

UPS for Airports

Standby power for airports works by converting AC power to DC power which will then be routed through an inverter into the power load. A power rectifier system will work with the UPS to protect the load from power surges and sags

UPS for Hospitals

It is a legal requirement for medical facilities to have a reliable UPS system to provide backup power. We will ensure that you have functioning emergency power solutions in place to keep systems operating in critical moments no matter the circumstances.

UPS for Security

Security systems such as CCTV cameras or even security alarms have become an incredibly important means of protection both for businesses and at home or office.

UPS for Transportation

Transportation services such as the train require a UPS system, should there be a power outage then the service will become delayed. 

UPS system for public sectors

UPS for Data Centre

UPS systems for data centres are a must. A UPS system for the data centre is critical in ensuring that your centre remains in operation at all times.

UPS for Home/Office

A home UPS system covers devices such as computers, printers or broadband routers. Office power backups and Home UPS systems mitigate disruption to these devices

UPS for Service & I.T

UPS systems for IT equipment will ensure your critical equipment remains operational and your hard work and life goes uninterrupted. IT equipment has a number of functions in our everyday life and workplace or business.

UPS for Utilities

The utilities industry is one of the most important sectors in the modern world, providing the all-important services needed for day-to-day life and that is why here at Computer Power Protection we are here to help.

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Power outages can be very costly in the education sector not just in money but for our future! So UPS Systems for education is a life saver and an absolute must.

UPS for Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, we strongly recommend a UPS for manufacturing, should a manufacturing company come to a halt due to a loss of power, production lines will stop.

Stadium and Sports

UPS System For A Stadium And Sports has become an essential requirement for arenas that cater to both sports and live performances

UPS for Lifts

The legislation now requires that lifts which are to be used for evacuation in the event of a fire must have a secondary supply.

education sector ups system

UPS for Facilities Management

UPS for facility management can provide you with the backup power you require, so in the event of a power outage, you can remain up and running without any disruptions to your facilities.

UPS for Marine/offshore

A Waterproof (Marine) UPS Systems is an uninterruptible power supply that has been researched and developed to be in use either near, close proximity or for specialised use or extreme cases even in water.

UPS for Telecoms

Telecommunications UPS systems provide the constant backup power needed to keep your telecoms systems always online.

UPS for Solar

Solar UPS systems are an excellent and environmentally friendly and sustainable way of making sure that you always have the constant power needed.

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