Backup Power for Data Centres

At Computer Power Protection, we have installed UPS systems and generators for Date Centre, both large and small across the UK. Backup power for data centres is essential, not just for keeping your services running, but also to protect data from corruption. We can help you by specifying the perfect UPS or generator for your Data Centre, keeping it running when the power fails.

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Businesses rely heavily on networking equipment to run effectively and carry out day to day tasks so downtime is not an option and it doesn't have to be! Not only this but the safe storage and processing of data is a high priority for many businesses. so why be at risk of losing your data? Backup power is key.

UPS systems for Data centres


UPS systems for data centres are a must. A UPS system for the data centre is critical in ensuring that your centre remains in operation at all times.

UPS systems for data centres will make sure that your servers and sensitive pieces of computer equipment will not be affected by power line disturbances or power quality issues which is an increasing problem businesses are facing currently with the use of backup power. A UPS system is needed to handle the variance in voltage. This will ensure that your computing equipment is protected from shutdowns or overloads so you can continue to operate as normal and not worry about data loss.


If you are eager to implement further measures of protection with backup power, we also have solutions such as data centre backup generators which pair perfectly with a UPS system for data centres

Key Notes

When selecting a UPS system for a data centre, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important is capacity. Data centres require a significant amount of power to operate, and the UPS system must be able to support this demand. It's essential to choose a UPS system with sufficient capacity to support the data centres' power needs, including its servers, storage systems, cooling systems, and other critical infrastructure.

Another important consideration is runtime. The UPS system should be able to provide power for a sufficient amount of time to allow for safe shutdown procedures or until normal power is restored. This can vary depending on the data centres' size, power requirements, and the criticality of it's systems.

Reliability is also critical when selecting a UPS system for a data centre. Downtime can be costly, and any interruptions can have severe consequences for a data centres' customers or clients. It's important to choose a UPS system with high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) ratings and a proven track record of reliability. Additionally, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that the system is operating correctly and will continue to do so.

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