Riello UPS Sentryum Rack

Riello Sentryum Rack ranges power from 20kVA standalone - 160 kVA in modular versions

The basic building block is a 20 kVA/kW module. Its connection clamps are laid out so that the communication signal connections are segregated and separated from the power connections (2 inputs, output, battery), thus ensuring complete immunity from interference generated by the power supply grid, which is typically disturbed in industrial environments. The module has a front-to-back airflow, realised by a smart ventilation principle, which manages the fan speed and airflow in accordance with the room temperature and load level.

Riello Sentryum Rack

Riello Sentryum Rack Specs

  • High adaptability to input voltage
  • Compatible with industrial environments
  • Suitable for stand-alone and modular installations
  • Graphic touch screen display

It accepts both single-phase and three-phase inputs with no need for special setups or operator intervention. The voltage arrangement could change during operation without any reset or manual operation, therefore the UPS auto-detects the input voltage and behaves accordingly.


Riello Sentryum Rack can be purchased as a single 20 kVA/kW module and installed in a 19-inch rack cabinet. Another way is to lean the module on the right side; the display can be rotated 90° counterclockwise. It is also possible to remote the display (maximum 2 meters) in case the module is fitted inside a cabinet.


The Smart Battery Management system, compatible with Li-Ion batteries and supercapacitors, consists of a series of features and capabilities to optimise battery management and obtain the best performance and operating life possible.


20kVA Sentryum Rack module is equipped with a coloured graphic touchscreen display providing UPS information,  measurements, operating states and alarms in different languages.

Dimensions397mm (9U) x 664 mm x 445 mm (19")
ApplicationServers and Networking, Data Centres, Building Systems
Standalone / ModularRack Mount
Design Life15 year
System BrandRiello UPS
kVA10-20 KVA
Product TypeThree In - Three Out
Form FactorModular, Rack Mount

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