UPS System Battery Guide

How long will a UPS system battery last?

Our UPS system battery guide we encourage is that UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) batteries will not last indefinitely. Normal battery life expectancy is 4 years. However environmental factors will have a huge impact negatively and positively. Enquire with us now and we can make sure you get the longest life out of your batteries

We recommend to our customers that replacements should occur every 3 years. We also recommend through our UPS system battery guide that your batteries are periodically tested, please have a look at this page for a better understanding as to why and how it is done: UPS Battery Impedance Testing

UPS System Battery Guide

We supply and install all types and makes of UPS system batteries, replacing them on a scheduled maintenance visit as part of your maintenance contract, or during a Load Bank UPS & Generator Health Check. We can do this by unit by unit basis, battery by battery or everything at once. It depends on what you would like or what is found during tests to keep everything in working order and safe.

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