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UPS Systems solution sold by Computer Power Protection With nearly 25 years experience of emergency and backup power systems including Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), generators, battery replacement services, software, electrical installation and ancillaries, we can guide you through the details of power protection and provide, not just a solution to suit your every power protection need, but also post sales service and maintenance support backed up by the manufacturers' warranties.

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As a wholly independent supplier, we have the ability to provide the best UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) product solution to match your exact requirements. With no allegiance to any single manufacturer, we can select those products from our portfolio that are the best fit for your needs and budgets.

UPS system computer power protection

From our constantly updated product database of over 2500 products, our unique consultative approach will help you select the ideal solution for your power needs at the most cost-effective level for your business. Comprehensive support can also be provided via our service, maintenance and remote monitoring programmes.

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Filter by Application
  • UPS Systems For Networks and Servers (196)
  • UPS for PCs (67)
  • Server Rooms and Data Centres (61)
  • Server Rooms & Data Centres (38)
  • For Large Networks (37)
  • Home Use and AV (29)
  • Workstations (19)
  • 3 Phase Generators (10)
  • Emergency Lighting (9)
  • N+1 / Modular & Parallelable UPS (8)
  • Marine (5)
  • Modular Power (5)
  • Rack Mounted UPS Systems (4)
  • Single Phase Generators (4)
  • Low Voltage (110 or 120V) UPS (3)
  • (1)

Filter by Product Type

Filter by Product Type
  • UPS Systems & Accessories (164)
  • UPS (133)
  • UPS Racks (16)
  • APC UPS Systems & Accessories (11)
  • Vertiv UPS Systems & Accessories (11)
  • Enclosures and Bypass Switches (10)
  • UPS Source Transfer Switches (2)
  • UPS PDUs (1)

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