BPC PowerPro ELXA 3 hour 1000VA

The PowerPro EL Static Inverters are a preferred choice for Emergency Lighting applications due to their ability to provide precisely regulated and controlled sinewave power to a wide variety of normal functional or decorative mains luminaires functioning as emergency fittings. One of the significant advantages of this system is its capability to provide the standard Emergency Lighting 3-hour autonomies to a broad range of luminaires.

The XA range, an extension of the standard 100 series, includes an internally self-contained battery system capable of supplying the 3-hour autonomies for Emergency Lighting. Additionally, the XA range is available in both wall-mounted and stand-alone options, providing a fully encapsulated product for lower-rated requirements, thereby completing the EL series.

The EL100 models come with single-phase rectifiers and feature 'Soft Start' control that utilizes thyristor-controlled bridge circuitry, limiting inrush current and preventing overloading of the mains supplies with limited ratings. These models offer an excellent solution for single-phase loads, reducing the need for extensive re-cabling during installation.

BPC PowerPro ELXA 3 hour 1000VA Information

The power protection system utilizes advanced technologies such as True Sinewave and PWM microprocessor-controlled technology. It features DC short circuit protection and includes system and battery test functions. The system is capable of recharging batteries up to 80% within 20 hours and offers fast changeover to Battery Mode.

The built-in distribution panel includes six standard outlets, and the system is equipped with an LCD panel providing accurate and detailed information about the load, batteries, system diagnostics, and an audible alarm. The system also supports remote monitoring via RS232 and dry contacts for communication.

An internal battery compartment is included, and the system's modular design reduces the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

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