UPS Systems for Hospitals

Hospitals use important devices and equipment to carry out medical procedures: from standard check-ups to major operations and life support. It is no doubt that medical facilities are provided with continuous power so there is no interruption in operations as it is ultimately the difference between life and death in some instances that's why its crucial to get the correct UPS system for hospitals.

It is a legal requirement for medical facilities to have a reliable UPS system to provide backup power. We will ensure that you have functioning emergency power solutions in place to keep systems operating in critical moments no matter the circumstances.

Reasons why a UPS system in hospitals is crucial:

  • Medical equipment, such as ventilators and monitors, require constant power to function properly. A power outage can lead to serious consequences, including patient harm or death.
  • Hospitals store important medical records, such as patient histories and test results, on computer systems. Losing this data due to a power outage can have serious implications for patient care.
  • Emergency lighting and communication systems need to be operational at all times, especially during power outages when patients may need to be evacuated.
  • Hospitals are often located in areas prone to severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes and storms, which can cause power outages.
  • Power surges and spikes can damage sensitive medical equipment, leading to costly repairs or replacements.
  • In critical care units, even a brief power outage can have severe consequences, as patients may be on life support equipment.
  • Backup power is necessary for surgeries and other medical procedures that require electricity.
  • A UPS system can provide a seamless transition to backup power, allowing hospitals to continue providing care without interruption.
UPS systems for hospitals


Uninterruptible power supply systems for medical equipment and UPS Systems for hospitals are designed to meet the demanding environments of hospitals and medical facilities. In the event of a power failure, the impact of the event needs to be minimised or mitigated so operations can go unchanged for perfect practice.

Although an Online UPS system will provide the most reliable form of emergency power, it is always best to speak to an expert by getting in contact with us here at Computer Power Protection so we can guide you through exactly what you require by tailoring our service solution to your exact requirements.

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