At Computer Power Protection, we have installed UPS systems and generators for a large number of facility management operations, both large and small across the UK. Backup power for facilities is essential, not just for keeping your services running, but also to protect data from corruption and protecting critical equipment from costly damage. We can help you by specifying the perfect UPS or generator for your facility applications, keeping it running when the power fails.

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Various facilities, ranging from healthcare facilities to fitness and logistics centres, require continuous power to function effectively. For this reason, a UPS system for facility management is necessary to guarantee an uninterrupted power supply. This ensures that the equipment in these facilities remains online during power outages or fluctuations in power, as any disruption can result in costly downtime.


UPS for facility management can provide you with the backup power you require, so in the event of a power outage, you can remain up and running without any disruptions to your facilities. Our specialists here at Computer Power Protection can provide you with expert advice so you can find the right system for your business as we tailor to your specific needs.

Why are UPS Systems Important for Facilities Management?

Facilities management is responsible for the overall maintenance and management of a facility. In the case of power disruptions, it is essential to ensure that the critical equipment remains online to avoid any loss of productivity or revenue. A UPS system ensures that the equipment remains online, even during power outages or voltage fluctuations, by providing temporary power until the primary power source is restored.

UPS systems are essential for facilities management because they:

  1. Provide Backup Power: UPS systems provide backup power to critical equipment during power outages or voltage fluctuations. This ensures that the equipment remains online and prevents any loss of productivity or revenue.
  2. Protect Equipment: UPS systems protect critical equipment from power surges and other power-related issues. This ensures that the equipment remains functional and minimises the risk of damage.
  3. Maintain Stable Power: UPS systems maintain stable power to critical equipment, which ensures that they function correctly. This prevents any loss of data or damage to the equipment caused by power fluctuations.
  4. Improve Safety: UPS systems improve safety by ensuring that critical equipment remains online, even during power outages or voltage fluctuations. This ensures that the facility remains functional and safe for occupants.


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