UPS Systems For Lifts

At Computer Power Protection, we have installed UPS systems and generators for lifts, across the UK. Backup power for lifts is a legal requirement, backup power is not just for keeping your services running, but also for safety precautions. We can help you by specifying the perfect UPS or generator for your lifts, keeping it running when the power fails.

Keep your lifts safe and working

UPS Systems are used for backup power for lifts and emergency ventilation, when a power outage or fluctuation happens. This is a great example of where we thrive here at CPP providing a solution bringing safety to the community, just as much as the British Standard BS999:2017 provides best practices for fire safety and fire strategy.

The legislation now requires that lifts which are to be used for evacuation in the event of a fire must have a secondary supply.

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UPS systems for lifts are necessary for the following reasons:

  1. Ensure Smooth Vertical Transportation: UPS systems ensure that lift systems remain online during power-related problems, providing uninterrupted vertical transportation for people and goods.
  2. Prevent Passenger Trapping: A power outage can cause passengers to become trapped in the lift, causing safety risks and delays. UPS systems ensure that the lift system remains operational, preventing passengers from getting trapped in the lift.
  3. Prevent Lift Damage: A power outage or voltage fluctuation can cause lift systems to malfunction, causing damage to the lift's motor and other critical components. UPS systems provide backup power to the lift system, preventing any damage due to power problems.
  4. Ensure Building Accessibility: Buildings and offices require accessible vertical transportation for people and goods. UPS systems ensure that lift systems remain operational, providing uninterrupted accessibility to all floors of the building.

Backup power for lifts

Lifts are essential for safe and functional operation in a building. Providing backup power with a UPS system is vital to make sure lifts function correctly in the event of a power failure. With options like battery, standby or diesel-powered solutions, we can help secure a secondary supply into an existing building.

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