Waterproof (Marine) UPS Systems

What is a Marine UPS System?

A Waterproof (Marine) UPS System is an uninterruptible power supply system that has been researched and developed carefully to be in use either near, close proximity or for specialised for a specific task or even in extreme cases it can be found submerged in water. Many boats and coastal facilities in certain sectors need to take into account the closeness of the water and the feasibility of a UPS system working in this extreme environment. Here at Computer Power Protection, we take pride in our assistance offering you expert advice and a free site survey. Don't forget we beat any existing quotes you already have.

Who Needs a Marine Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Yachts, ferries, oil rigs, coastal services and businesses will require a marine UPS system as the environment is more volatile and unpredictable. Should the environment come in contact with a regular UPS system it will cause unrepairable amounts of damage or if it was repairable, the cost would not be desirable. The Marine UPS system mitigates that problem completely.

Should Everyone Have a Marine UPS?

The short answer to that is no, not everyone needs a waterproof (Marine) UPS system. Although yes a marine UPS is more durable in harsh environments. You will find that the cost of this specific technology would not make it worth it for your business if you require a standard UPS system. If you are having trouble understanding what you require please contact us or leave an enquiry.

Alternatively, you can head to our UPS System Wiki where you'll find plentiful amounts of information.

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