E-SNMP/1 Network Card

The 'Simple Network Management Protocol' (SNMP) communications card, E-SNMP/1 and E-SNMP/2, enables the user to monitor and control the UPS via an Ethernet or Internet connection.

The card's flexible configuration permits UPS management using a standard web browser or third-party network management software, making it a versatile and convenient solution for monitoring and controlling the UPS.

The product comes complete with a user manual for the NetAgent Mini Series.

E-SNMP/1 Network Card Information


The UPS system provides real-time alarm notifications, which can be communicated to the recipient through E-mail, SMS, or SNMP Trap. Additionally, it records UPS system data and event logs, allowing for improved system monitoring and maintenance.

The UPS system also allows for the scheduling of periodic self-tests and battery tests, ensuring optimal system performance. Moreover, it enables remote shutdown and reboot of the UPS system over the network, providing added convenience and flexibility.

The system supports several protocols, including HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, WAP, Telnet, SSL, and SSH, and is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows 98, NT, ME, XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, Vista, and Win 7. The user interface is available in multiple languages.

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