Liebert Vertiv GXT3 10 kVA Tower

Liebert Vertiv GXT3 10 kVA Tower UPS meets the need for higher power capacities in small spaces.

This true online double-conversion UPS system is available in two different 10 kVA versions and features integrated maintenance bypass, as well as optional extended battery runtime.

Liebert Vertiv GXT3 is available in both transformer-free and transformer-based versions.

The transformer free version can work in either 1/1 or 3/1 configuration, which makes it very flexible.

The isolated version is fitted with an output Isolation transformer which allows using it at 110, 120 phase to neutral or 208, 220 phase to phase voltages, for dual input with phases shifted by 180 degrees.

Note: The transformer-based version is UL marked only and NOT fit for EU countries, but only for those countries in the MEA area where L-L settings are used.

Liebert Vertiv GXT3 10 kVA Tower Information

The Liebert Vertiv GXT3 10 kVA Tower is now obsolete.

Please contact us for a suitable alternative.


  • Compact tower design
  • 1/1 and 3/1 possibility (T230 version)
  • Two different versions available (T-free- T230 - and T-based- T220)
  • 0. 9 output power factor
  • Parallelable up to 3 units (T230 version)
  • Internal and extended runtime


  • 1/1 or 3/1 to adapt to different installation needs (T230 only)
  • 0. 9 output power factor to maximize active power provided
  • Parallelable up to 3 units to increase capacity (T230 only)
  • Output isolation transformer for use with dual input with phases shifted by 180 degrees (T220 only)
  • Liebert Vertiv GXT3 has excellent input and output performances to reduce TCO
  • Battery cut-off voltage to prevent from battery over-discharge
  • Embedded maintenance bypass to maximize uptime
  • Full set of communication options (SNMP/web, Modbus and Relay)


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