Riello UPS Central Supply System 20 kVA UPS (CSS 20 TT)

The Riello UPS Central Supply System 20 kVA UPS (CSS 20 TT) is engineered to meet the EN 50171 standard, making it a fitting choice for deployment in structures governed by fire safety laws. Specifically, it is an optimal solution for emergency lighting systems' power supply, offering dependable and consistent power to keep crucial systems running in times of crisis.

Riello UPS Central Supply System 20 kVA UPS (CSS 20 TT) Information



The Riello UPS Central Supply System 10 kVA UPS (CSS 10 TT) is equipped with DUAL INPUT as standard on all models. This important feature allows the mandatory scheduled checks on system operation and autonomy to be carried out with extreme ease and in complete safety by simply operating an input switch. This switch interrupts the power supply to the machine without interrupting the bypass line, which is able to support the load in the event of test failure.



As required by standard EN 50171, the Riello UPS Central Supply System 10 kVA UPS (CSS 10 TT) range is designed and sized to support continuous overloads (with no time limits) of up to 120% of the machine's nominal power rating.



Mandatory in line with standard EN 50171, protection against battery inversion ensures the safety of those carrying out maintenance operations on the devices and at the same time prevents damage to the system in the event that the batteries are inadvertently connected with the wrong polarity.



The Riello UPS Central Supply System 15 kVA UPS (CSS 15 TT) range comes with batteries designed for a 10-year life and a high recharge current. It also offers all the reliability and flexibility features common to the UPS range it is derived from, along with compatibility with the main options and accessories.

Weight 138.000000
Application Emergency Lighting
Standalone / Modular Standalone
Design Life 10 year
System Brand Riello UPS
kVA 20-120 KVA
Product Type Three In - Three Out
Form Factor Standalone


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