Riello UPS Sentinel Dual 5KVA (SDU 5000)

The Riello UPS Sentinel Dual 5KVA (SDU 5000) is designed to provide superior power reliability for mission-critical applications and electro-medical equipment. Its user-friendly features, such as a digital display and user-replaceable battery set, make installation and use flexible. Additionally, the system offers various communication options to accommodate a wide range of applications, from IT to security. The Sentinel Dual is capable of supporting the parallel operation of up to three units, enhancing its performance and scalability.

Riello UPS Sentinel Dual 5KVA (SDU 5000) Information



The wide input voltage range and a high
hold-up time minimise battery usage and
increase efficiency and battery life; for
smaller power breaks, energy is drawn
from a group of appropriately-sized


• Automatic and manual battery test


This configuration ensures the operation
of those emergency systems that require
continuous, reliable and long-lasting
power supply in the event of a mains
power failure, such as emergency lighting,
fire detection/extinguishing systems and
alarms. When the mains power supply
fails, the inverter begins powering the
loads with a progressive start up (Soft
Start) in order to prevent overload.


Operating mode selection
Functions can be programmed via software or manually via the front display panel.
On line: efficiency up to 95%
Eco Mode: to increase efficiency (up to to 98%), allows for the selection of Line Interactive technology (VI) to power low priority loads from the mains supply
Smart Active: the UPS automatically decides upon the operating mode (VI or VFI) based on the quality of the mains power supply
Emergency: the UPS can be selected to function only when the mains power supply fails (emergency only mode).
Frequency converter operation (50 or 60 Hz).

• Each kW equals kVA with power factor 1

• Capable of parallel operation with up to 3 units

• Easy and simplified installation process

• Option to select operating mode

• Provides high-quality output voltage

• Ensures high reliability of battery

Weight 45.000000
Dimensions 131 x 640 x 448 cm
Application Servers and Networking
Barcode 8023251003011
Standalone / Modular Rack Mount, Standalone
System Brand Riello UPS
kVA 0-10 KVA
Product Type Single In - Single Out, Three In - Single Out
Form Factor Rack Mount, Standalone


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