Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU

Sentinel Dual (SDU) is a highly versatile Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that provides maximum protection to critical loads found in various applications such as server rooms, electro-medical devices, IT networks, and industrial environments. The SDU can be installed as a 3U rackmount UPS or as a freestanding tower, allowing for installation flexibility.

The SDU features ECO and SMART ACTIVE modes, enabling you to reduce power consumption and prioritize your most critical loads. The EnergyShares sockets allow for easy load-shedding, ensuring that your most important devices receive power in the event of an outage. Additionally, the load-controlled fans minimize noise disruption, producing less than 48 dBA.

With a 95% operating efficiency in ON LINE mode, the SDU significantly reduces energy waste, resulting in lower power consumption and operating costs. The UPS can be parallel-connected with up to three additional units for extra capacity or redundancy.

The SDU is designed to handle non-linear loads, making it an ideal solution for blade servers. User-replaceable hot-swap batteries make it easy to maintain, ensuring your system is always up and running.

Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU Information

Available as either a floor-standing tower or rackmount UPS, the Sentinel Dual SDU offers unity power factor, simple plug and play installation, and a variety of energy-saving modes of operation.

This single-phase ON LINE UPS has a power range of 4-10 kVA, with up to three units parallelable to provide either additional capacity or redundancy.

Its capability to handle high-density, non-linear loads makes it an optimum solution for mission-critical server rooms and IT networks, plus electro-medical devices and industrial applications.

As an advanced online dual conversion UPS, the Sentinel Dual SDU not only protects equipment from blackouts and power failures, but it filters and stabilises the mains supply to minimise the risk of other disturbances.

Operational efficiency can reach up to 95%, load-dependent digitally-controlled fans keep the noise levels below 48 dBA, and advanced components are designed to perform even at stress-inducing temperatures of 40 °C.

Select between numerous modes of operation that either boost performance or reduce energy consumption:

  • ON LINE Mode: maximum load protection and output voltage quality
  • ECO Mode: maximum efficiency up to 98% as the load is powered by the mains only
  • SMART ACTIVE Mode: UPS automatically decides what mode to run depending on the stability of the incoming supply
  • STANDBY OFF: the UPS can be selected to function only when the mains power supply fails
  • Frequency Converter operation (50 or 60 Hz).

For the most mission-critical applications, several hours’ extended runtime is achievable either by adding extra battery packs or thanks to chargers with greater power. Overall battery performance is enhanced with both automatic and manual testing, with the batteries themselves hot-swappable and user-replaceable without interrupting the critical load.

Interruption-free maintenance is available using the optional external bypass, while the system is fully compatible with PowerShield³ communications software, allowing the monitoring and safe shutdown of all connected devices. Equipment can also be prioritised through EnergyShare sockets that enable load-shedding.

  • Versatile tower of rack-mount style UPS with user-friendly plug and play installation
  • Unity power factor
  • Up to 3 SDUs can be operated in parallel
  • Operating efficiency up to 95% (in ON LINE mode)
  • Range of programmable operating modes (i. e. ECO mode, SMART ACTIVE)


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