Riello UPS SER 1500 & 3000VA

Riello UPS Sentinel SER has compact design and improved performance developed by the Riello UPS research and development team. Sentinel SER uses ONLINE double conversion technology, resulting in the highest levels of reliability and maximum protection for critical loads such as servers, and IT and voice/data applications. For business continuity applications requiring long battery runtimes, battery autonomy can be extended up to several hours using the 3000 VA model fitted with more powerful battery charger.

Riello UPS SER 1500 & 3000VA Information

• Filtered, stabilised and reliable voltage: double conversion ON LINE technology (VFI compliant with IEC 62040-3)
with filters for the suppression of atmospheric disturbances;
• High overload capability (up to 150%);
• Programmable Auto-restart when mains is restored;
• Battery start up (Cold Start);
• Power factor correction (UPS input power factor, close to 1);
• Wide input voltage tolerance range
(from 140 V to 276 V) without battery intervention.

• ECO Mode: the UPS uses LINE INTERACTIVE technology, with the
load powered by the mains, reducing consumption and thus improving efficiency (up to 98%);
• SMART ACTIVE Mode: the UPS automatically selects ON LINE or LINE INTERACTIVE operation, depending
on the quality of the mains supply, checking the number, frequency and type of disturbances present;
• STANDBY OFF: the UPS supplies the load only when the mains fails. The inverter begins working with a progressive start up sequence to prevent inrush currents;
• Frequency Converter operation (50 or 60 Hz).

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