What Makes a UPS System Reliable?

Starting 2024 with correct business continuity should be a priority for most businesses, maintaining the reliability of your uninterruptible power supply is an essential fundamental for a correct business continuity plan. So what do we mean when we say "reliable UPS Systems"? When it comes to a reliable backup power system, there are many factors playing a key role in what makes a UPS system reliable.

Contributing Factors Of Reliability

Quality of the manufacturer and product: What makes a UPS System Reliable? The manufacturer of the backup power system must have the correct and up to date certification as well as a positive rapport and history in the industry. New manufacturers or cheap companies in the UPS industry must be approached with caution as their products may not be a quality build and could lead to failure when you need it most. At Computer Power Protection we do all of the product sourcing for you, so you can be assured that your UPS system is reliable.

Monitored Correctly: Power monitoring will allow your UPS system and backup power infrastructure to remain reliable after installation. There is a misconception that after the UPS system is installed that the power infrastructure is protected and there is no more steps to safeguarding your business. We are here to inform you that in order to maintain a reliable UPS system, your power infrastructure and unit must be monitored correctly. This will allow you to avoid any costly repairs on your UPS unit, and to maintain the reliability of your system.

Power Monitoring for UPS systems

Installation/Commissioning: There is no room for shortcuts! Some UPS systems can be an expensive asset to purchase, do not try and cut corners and attempt to install the UPS unit yourself. This is very dangerous to do and requires a professional engineer that is trained certified on all types of UPS systems. Our engineers are trained experts in the industry and will install and commission the UPS unit for you. This will ensure that your UPS system is reliable.

Environment: The environment of where your UPS unit has a huge impact on the reliability of your UPS system. When we conduct our site surveys, we will help you make sure your UPS unit is installed in the correct environment for the optimal reliability. If you have a UPS unit installed by another company and feel that your UPS is in the wrong environment, do contact us. We are happy to help and improve the reliability of your backup power infrastructure.

Backup power scheduled maintenance

We end this blog with the most important step to ensure reliability. Having a maintenance plan in place for your UPS system and your UPS batteries is critical. This should not be done as a last minute plan and instead planned. We offer maintenance contracts, please contact us if you would like further information.

All of these steps will help you maintain a reliable UPS system and backup power plan. There are many more ways that you are able to maintain the reliability of your system. We will cover these further steps in the blogs to come.

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