The Three Major Types of UPS System

Types of UPS

Here are the three types of UPS systems that are available

Offline UPS Systems – This unit charges the battery while the mains is on and only switches over when the power fails (blackout). An offline UPS system will only activate after the power fails, which means that it won't truly support your equipment as it will switch off in the meantime. An offline system tends to be inexpensive and more efficient than other power supply solutions as it isn't always on so, therefore, using less energy. It should be noted that offline systems are not suitable for critical loads, so offline UPS systems are not recommended for that specific use.

Line Interactive UPS Systems – Line interactive UPS technology exists between offline and online. The load is fed from mains during normal operation, however, unlike an offline UPS, this technology incorporates the use of filters to provide voltage stabilisation and help suppress spikes and transients.

Transformers enable a UPS to maintain a steady output voltage to critical systems – without switching to and from battery power – whilst the mains voltage is within the range of approximately +20% to -30%, resulting in far fewer load breaks and reduced battery wear.

Online UPS Systems – In an online UPS, the batteries are always connected to the inverter, so it isn’t necessary to have a power transfer switch. When a loss of power occurs, the rectifier just drops out of the circuit and the batteries keep the flow of power steady and unchanged.

If the mains supply falls outside pre-set parameters (typically +10% to -20%) or fails entirely, the battery begins to discharge, and the load is unaffected. The important thing to note here is that power always flows through the UPS – the only difference in the event of a mains failure is that the battery will discharge, so there will never be a load break.

We offer all three of the major types of UPS systems here at Computer Power Protection

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