Electric Cars "Should I Buy One?"

As the government continue to plan to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by the year 2030, everyone is now asking the big question "should I buy an electric car?’’.


The petrol and diesel motor engine are replaced with an electric motor for the car to become an electric car. Vehicle owners will be changing their way of running their vehicles and are to use and rely on charging points. Thes charging points can be installed outside their homes or electric car owners can find charging points on the road which take electricity from the grid. Electricity is stored in rechargeable batteries stored in the car that power the electric motor. 


So... THE BIG QUESTION  ’Should I buy an electric car?’’, there are a number of factors to consider before you make this investment. Here are the pros and cons:


Carbon emissions are one of the many huge issues for the planet and the environment we live in currently, and conventional cars largely contribute to the emissions and pollution that lead to the "Green House Effect". If you own an electric car you are effectively exempt from congestion charges as you produce a lower emission.

Lastly, The running costs are significantly lower for an electric car but there are also a number of government "grants and initiatives" in place to promote the use of electric cars to help people swap to electric cars. This includes help to buy an electric car scheme and help to install a charging point for home use should you make this investment and make that switch. 

However, you must consider these cons!

Electric cars can travel less distance which is a massive problem if you drive long distances for work and cannot factor in charge time and the locations of charge stations on the route to work or work meetings.

Electric cars can take a long time to recharge which might cause issues later down the line should your house have a powercut or if you finish work late and do not have the optimum amount of time to recharge your electric car which could have the knock-on effect that could then leave you stuck with the con that has been mentioned above.

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