A UPS backup is now required for many Sprinkler systems.

Mandatory UPS Guide for Sprinklers - Short Read

Since the 30th June 2021, all residential and domestic buildings over 18m in height or above 4 storeys need to have a backup power supply installed and automatic changeover functionality (Mandatory UPS system).

This means in all large residential and domestic buildings the sprinkler system for fire prevention should be directed to two power supplies for safety purposes and legality reasons. The mains supply is the "main" power source while everything is in working order with no blackouts or power surges, etc, and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is the secondary power source which needs to be installed as part of regulation and safety reasons, with an automatic transfer switch to transfer the load from mains to the UPS system in the event of a power cut while the sprinkler system is being used. This makes residential and domestic buildings a much safer environment to be in, should the sprinkler system be set off due to a fire.

Mandatory UPS

As the power grid over the years starts to age, we will see a lot more frequent power cuts, unfortunately. This is going to be caused by a number of uncontrollable factors such as events, storms and other natural factors which are expected to become increasingly common and exposed to us. A UPS system protects against these issues, ensuring critical systems are available when they are needed whether that is a safe shutdown, a bridge for systems to stay active until the generator becomes active or to supply essentials with power.

Our engineers are trained by the UPS manufacturers, giving you the best service there is to provide so you have easy convenient engineers and hassle-free price-beating quotes. We can guide you through the whole process of supporting your sprinkler system or any other essential safety equipment.

In summary, it is now mandatory to have a backup system for all large residential and domestic buildings.

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